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"Change the World Together" and PRIZM held a dance-ball and conference in St. Petersburg

From year to year the International public movement "Change the World Together" and the team of the advanced cryptocurrency PRIZM demonstrate unconventional approach in the development and promotion of the crypto-currency industry. Of course, activists regularly participate in conferences, meetings and other blockchain events, but it is the original point of view that always distinguishes CWT and PRIZM from other enthusiasts of the crypto industry.


"Today there is nothing more ambitious than a project of changing the world. Crypto currency PRIZM is not just a crypto currency, it is a large-scale project today. An ambitious team that makes history with its own hands. A history that will be in the textbooks, the history which our children and grandchildren will study. Join our team, change the world with us! Believe me, it is just the beginning! "- this is how the chairman of the International Public movement CWT and founder of PRIZM cryptocurrency announced a new wave of events held in the crypto community.

The recent events organized by PRIZM is another demonstration of the creative thinking of the cryptocurrency team, with the focus on comfortable communication with people which is the most effective delivery of ideas on changing the global financial system.

Dance-Ball "Mystery" and a conference in St. Petersburg

On November 18th, the Mystery Ball was hosted at the “Taleon Imperial Hotel” in St. Petersburg. Its main thrust was to increase the well-being and abundance of its participants.

According to organizers and activists of the event, the secret of success is not so much in foreseeing the future as in creating an organization that could flourish in an unpredictable future. It is well known that the rapid development of technologies and the change of vectors of its development are accompanied by the unpredictability of this future. It is not surprising that the PRIZM crypto currency was chosen as one of the symbols of prosperity.

Nevertheless, in addition to improving the financial well-being of the participants, the task of raising human values was set in this event. The task of creating our own ritual of joy, security and abundance - realizing ourselves as a person with the basic qualities: Honor, Naturalness, Love, Responsibility, Faith, Unity, Beauty.

The program consisted of a musical tour through different eras - the formation of man and human values ​​through cross-cultural communication. The event was attended by: the dancing master Mr. Pavel Melentiev, moderators: Ms. Anna Babinina, Mr. Sergei Kostanich and Mr. Pavel Melentiev. The following badns also participated in the Dance-Ball Program: “The North Venice Orchestra” conducted by Mr. Eduard Tomsha, VIA “Proletarian Tango”, soloist Mr. Dmitry Karanevsky, “Quintet of the Four”, “Shamansky Buben” Theater and “Eldorado Dance Ensemble”.

Also, on November 19th, representatives of CWT and PRIZM held a blockchain conference in St. Petersburg. During the event, the ideas of the CWT Public movement and the concept of the Crypto-currency PRIZM were presented. Also, the actual problems and the problems facing the blockchain community of today were discussed.

Meanwhile, in the industry

As well as the thematic events held for the development of the blockchain industry, the world of cryptocurrencies itself is also very diverse - every day there are both innovative technological and scandalous financial events within the community.

Team Ethereum can move to Proof-Of-Stake (which is since long used in PRIZM)

One of the main technological news of the industry was the fact that today the developers of Ethereum crypto currency show the intention to use the experimental code of Proof-Of-Stake protocol Casper for the purpose of testing the new network.

The founder of Ethereum Mr. Vitalik Buterin during the meeting of kernel developers suggested not only to start the test of the protocol code, but also told about his confidence that the input of Casper to the work will significantly improve the security parameters in the process of testing of Ethereum by clients.

"If we really want to implement Casper in the framework of some kind of hard-fork, then we should start testing it," said one of the developers Mr. Peter Zhilagi.

In turn, Mr. Vitalik Buterin agreed that there is a number of security gaps in the new protocol and suggested that several developers should be assigned to develop the Ether test network - it is planned that this should partly duplicate the consensus of the Proof-Of-Authority.

Later, the participants of the meeting the discussed plans to conduct research on the test network. As the executor of the task, Mr. Piper Meriam was chosen as a main developer - it is planned that during the development he will cooperate with the teams of clients Parity, Geth and Casper itself.

Thus, the network update was the first step of Ethereum developers to implement the Proof-Of-Stake consensus algorithm within the framework of the largest hardfork Metropolis. The thing is that such a large and well-known cryptocurrency as Ethereum only now shifts to the Proof-Of-Stake protocol, realizing that mining is just an empty and unnecessary work for the community. And the PRIZM crypto currency has been working on POS since very long time, by showing excellent results and receiving positive feedback of participants.

In fact, PRIZM advanced cryptocurrency, which is gaining momentum now, has already surpassed the market giants like Bitcoin or Ethereum in its technology, modernity and convenience.

"Bees against honey": how critics of crypto currency launder money through blockchain industry

One of the problems of the crypto community today is the processes of legislation, legalization and implementation of the crypto-currency infrastructure in the economies of states and the world. A separate theme of this confrontation are economists, businessmen and politicians, who represent a tough and radical position and deny the the crypto-currency industry.

Nevertheless, as it turned out the other day, sometimes even the most uncompromising critics in reality turn out to be hypocrites, secretly using blockchain tools.

An example of this trend was the fact that the Financial Markets Supervision Service (FINMA) imposed sanctions against the JPMorgan branch in Switzerland - it is known that the official reason for this was the "violation of anti-money laundering standards" (regional media “Handelszeitung” reports on this scandalous incident).

The source of the publication stresses that the decision of the state regulator was taken long time ago - as early as on June 30th, and should have been made public after one week. But JPMorgan representatives made some actions to prevent the publication of this decision.

As a result, no matter how hard the representatives of JPMorgan tried, the petition of the bank was rejected by the Federal Administrative Court of Switzerland and now the decision of FINMA became known to public – because now the media and the public are talking about the problems of the bank. However, so far neither the regulator nor the bank has disclosed details of the nature of the violations.

The irony is that the representative of this financial holding recently criticized Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, calling the industry "worse than tulip fever" and a popular tool for money laundering.

  • December 6, 2017 6:34 PM MSK