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"RUSSIA looking into the future": Founder of PRIZM Aleksey Muratov gave a lecture in CEH "MANEZH"

In addition to actively participating in conferences, events and other blockchain events, the PRIZM team does not bypass entertaining and social events, acting as an expert community, providing its analysis on the development of the cryptocurrency industry.

In November, the chairman of the board of the International Public movement "Change the World Together" and the founder of PRIZM crypto-currency Mr. Alexei Muratov delivered an expert report at the exhibition-forum "Russia looking into the future", held at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall (Moscow).

In particular, the team of PRIZM took part in the work of the lecture hall "360 talks about the future", which was opened for free visit within the framework of the exhibition "Russia looking into the future".

In accordance with the established tradition, the exhibition was launched on November 4 and was held within the framework of the cycle "Russia. My history". Operators of the event were the Humanitarian Projects Fund and SC "Red Square". Subject. The exposition halls told about the current situation, challenges, future projects, expected results and the future position of Russia in the world in various spheres. The approximate number of visitors in the exhibition is more than 2 000 000 people.

Meanwhile, in the industry of cryptocurrencies

Simultaneously with the introduction of cryptocurrency into the financial system of the world, there is an active integration of the block-phenomenon in the world of politics. One example of this trend is a 20-minute short film about the policy of US President Donald Trump, a native of Tajikistan Khushnud Shukurov is planning to shoot. The peculiarity of the idea is that for the shootings the girl plans to attract crypto-investment.

It is known that for the organization of filming the girl needs $ 50,000 fund, which was decided to collect with the help of Singular-DTV, which develops an entertainment industry based on Blockchain technology.

"As part of its special project Tokit, the company will release digital tokens, which can be purchased to support my film. This method of fund-raising is more than real and profitable, especially for creative people who, because of lack of finance, are idle for years. I'm very glad that such a company as Singular-DTV considered my film as something worthy for attracting investments
I want to be a part of the revolution of equal opportunities, which are given to everyone nowadays by crypto-currency investments, " Khushnud Shukurov comments.
  • November 15, 2017 8:10 PM MSK