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PRIZM participates IN Moscow ICO Conference

According to the long-established tradition, the representatives of the International Public Movement "Change the World Together" and the active members of PRIZM crypto currency team continue to participate in various blockichain events.

Many experts will note that an important place among similar events of the industry is held by various ICO conferences. One such an event took place - on November 7th in Moscow.

In the very center of the Russian capital, in "Digital October" event hall, gathered not only prospective ICOs and complete projects, but also respectable experts from the blockchain community and the industry. And, of course, the team of advanced crypto currency PRIZM team took part in this event.

Chairman of the International Public movement CWT and founder of the crypto-currency PRIZM Alexei Muratov himself became one of the central speakers of the conference and raised such topical issues of the industry as: the sovereignty of the Russian economy, the problems of Bitcoin, the evolving trend of ICO and many others.

Regulation by the US was an actual topic discussed at the conference

Also one of the topics discussed was the latest active actions of the Ministry of Finance of the United States of America, which influenced the work of the crypto-currency industry.
According to Ms. Sigal Mandelker, Deputy Minister of Finance for Combating Terrorism and Financial Intelligence of the United States, cryptocurrencies should be regulated by the international community to prevent crimes in which they are used as a financial instrument for the circulation of funds (the main quotes from her speech are published on the website of US Treasury).
Ms. Sigal Mandelker also noted that US government bodies should outstrip the development of the cryptocurrency industry in terms of regulation and the formation of new legislation.

"We are very concerned that cryptocurrencies can be used for illegal activities. We must be very careful in this regard, must stay ahead of technology. We also call other countries to deal with this problem, " Ms. Mandelker said.

In addition, Mandelker clarified that the Office for Combating Financial Crimes (FinCEN) regularly monitors compliance with legislation by industry activists in the cryptocurrency industry.
It should be noted that in the end of July this year FinCEN imposed a penalty of $ 110 million on BTC-e crypto-exchange for "deliberately violating US anti-money laundering laws".

Naturally, PRIZM, as an active and expert player of the industry, has an opinion on what is happening.

"A new world financial system is coming to the world. A worthless monetary monopoly can not stop it. That is why the financial elites will try to regulate it as much as possible, and also take control of the bulk of the infrastructure created for it. That is why the US attacked this crypto-exchange, the founders of which are Russian citizens. Exchange BTC-e is not better and not worse than hundreds of top-end crypto-exchanges. But not accidentally it is BTC-e which became the victim. This is a simple redistribution of spheres of influence in the new financial market. It is just the begining, "- thus, Alexei Muratov comments on the recent actions of the US authorities, which have influenced the crypto-currency market.

  • November 13, 2017 2:56 PM MSK