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International Public Movement CWT and PRIZM team participated in conferences in Kazan, Turkey and Moscow

Since the creation of "Change the World Together", the participants of the international public movement have regularly participated in various trend events devoted to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

The same focus on maximum regular participation in events is also a distinctive feature of the team of advanced cryptocurrency PRIZM, the creation of which was inspired by the goals and ideas of the "CWT" public movement.

Among the recent events, in which CWT participants and the PRIZM team took part, were: SEO-2017 conference in Kazan, "Russian Blockchain Week 2017" in Moscow. Activists of CWT and PRIZM also organized a special conference in Turkey. We will tell in details about each of these Blockchain events.

SEO-2017 conference in Kazan, Tatarstan

As you know, the SEO conference in Kazan was held for the eighth time. It is devoted to the topic of business on Internet, it already has its own unique traditions and is one of the "locomotives" on this topic in Russia.

In 2017 the conference was held in RK "Riviera". In addition, the event program included afteparty in the nightclub "The Legend" (ex.-Rai), where 3 floors with new activities and an exclusive show programs were presented.

The content of the conference was also updated. The tnew topic of this year was the phenomenon of Blockchain and the actively developing industry of crypto-currencies, in which the CWT / PRIZM team took part.

During the conference, the leader of CWT and the founder of PRIZM, Alexei Muratov, spoke about the ideology of the public movement, the concept of PRIZM crypto currency, talked with the SEO-2017 guests on topical issues of the world economy. Also, every visitor of the conference was able to get a copy of the book "The Ideology of CWT" by Alexei Muratov.

Russian Blockchain Week in Moscow

Of course, the most specialized and narrowly focused for CWT participants and the PRIZM team was the "Russian Blockchain Week" conference held in Moscow.

It is noteworthy that the conference was held on the basis of the Russian Economy University of. G.V. Plekhanov and with its support, which once again emphasizes the fact that not only financial enthusiasts, start-ups, but also the state with the representatives of its scientific community are actively interested in the technology of Blockchain and the industry of crypto-currencies. The event was organized at the highest level, which was noted by the guests and speakers of the conference.


Speaking at the conference, Mr. Alexei Muratov spoke about the current shortcomings of Bitcoin, the actual dependence of the Russian economy and about alternative financial instruments for solving the above-mentioned problems.

Conference CWT and PRIZM in Turkey

In addition to participating in various large-scale and illuminated blockchain events, the International Public Movement "CWT" and the team of advanced crypto-currency PRIZM regularly organize separate conferences around the world. 

Tehre activists promote their goals and ideas, talk about the problems of the world economy and the shortcomings of today's crypto currency, offer solutions to problems and alternative tools for completely different spheres.

The last such conference was organized in Turkey. The central theme of the speech of the Chairman of the CWT board and the founder of PRIZM Alexei Muratov was the topic of "pyramidality" of today's world economy based on the US dollar and the prospects of Blockchain technology, which can give a way out of this situation.

  • November 11, 2017 2:58 PM MSK