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Cooperation between the state and the industry of cryptocurrencies: the opinion of Aleksei Muratov

Over the past year, the influence of crypto-currencies on the world economy caused a wide discussion by government agencies, the media and Internet users. Especially brightly stands the process of legalization of crypto-currencies - this process goes very slowly in Russia , but at the same time this process is extremely required for all participants of this advanced industry.

It is quite obvious that the start of the Russian government's attention to the world turnover of cryptocurrencies has been vividly highlighted by the creation of a working group on "Digital Economy". Also, important and not less discussed was the current decision taken by the President of the Russian Federation - Vladimir Putin instructed the Ministry of Finance to take control of the circulation of crypto-currency on the territory of the state. On October 11th (after a meeting with the head of state), a statement was made by the Minister of Finance of Russia Mr. Anton Siluanov.

As you know, Vladimir Putin spoke about combating the risks associated with the crypto-currency industry. Today, the priority is - compliance with the laws on combating money laundering and the problem of identifying users when working with crypto-currencies.

Mr. Anton Siluanov stressed that today crypto-currencies are not yet widely spread in Russia, state departments keep their emissions under control - therefore, no one plans to impose a ban on the industry.

According to the Minister of Finance, appropriate legislation and a separate specialized agency should be created to fully control the mining and circulation process of crypto currencies.

In its turn, the Central Bank is in favor of limiting the functioning of external websites where it is possible to acquire a crypto currency. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Mr. Sergey Shvetsov. According to the representative of the agency, such tools carry unnecessarily increased risks for Russian citizens and businesses and have features of financial pyramid.

As you known, the International public movement "Change the World Together" and the team of crypto-currency PRIZM, who is always defending the right of the industry of cryptocurrencies to develop, have long had their opinion on a number of topical issues today. The leader of the movement "Change the World Together" and the founder of the cryptocurrency PRIZM spoke to representatives of Russian media and discussed the latest news regarding the existence of cryptocurrencies in Russian market.

"The practice of blocking the sites is possible only if they promote illegal activities. The turnover of the crypto currency is not forbidden today and is not allowed. I think one-sided interpretation will not be entirely correct. Crypto-exchanges can defend their rights in court.

Today, an opening of envelopes with applications for participation in a tender for the provision of expert analysis services took place in the State Duma. Many experts submitted applications, including our group. It includes various specialists, including economist and political analyst Mr. Mikhail Khazin, doctor of law Mr. Ruslan Makarov and Chairman of Law bar Mr. Alexander Ternovtsev. If we win in the tender, we will try to reach the State Duma, so that a bill that establishes civilized relations in the market of crypto-currencies can be passed.

First, you need to deal with the licensing of crypto-exchanges. They can be regulated, because they are tied to the usual payment tools of the banking system. If crypto exchanges are banned, then they will go to other countries. Secondly, we need a law that obliges users to specify their personal data when registering at crypto-exchange. I believe that it is possible to oblige the crypto-exchange to be linked to "Mir" payment system. This will allow to overtake the Visa system in the future. This all leads to a civilized market of crypto currencies, "- Mr. Alexei Muratov commented on the opinion of the Central Bank that it is necessary to block websites which work with cryptocurrencies. (Interview for the Federal Press")

Кроме того, Алексей Муратов обратил внимание на актуальную проблему центрирования криптовалют, стоящую сегодня перед мировым блокчейн-сообществом.

In addition, Mr. Alexei Muratov drew attention to the current problem of centering in cryptocurrencies, which is now facing the global blockchain community.

"At the very beginning of this journey, mining was a simple process. Everyone could get bitcoins on a personal computer. Over time, this process has become more complicated, the main emission is now carried out by large mining pools. They make decisions about changing the rules of the crypto currency.

"That is why, in the national interests, the state is obliged to control mining and to charge a fee. It will be easy to do this through mining pools.

This does not require large mining farms and high power consumption. It is necessary to demonstrate the new generation cryptocurrencies Russia has every chance of becoming a leader in this sphere, "- thus, Mr. Alexei Muratov highlighted the current shortcomings of the mining processes and stressed on the need to create a national Russian cryptocurrency. (Interview for the "Politics Today").

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  • October 18, 2017 4:59 PM MSK