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Yahoo Company secretly reading their users' mail over year

Major governments meticulously monitor their citizens, and sometimes even citizens of other states

The news agency Reuters published another revealing article. The material sheds light on the fact that the company Yahoo, e-mail services of which are still used by millions of people around the world, under pressure from the NSA and the FBI wrote an algorithm that scans the personal correspondence of its users.

The software that scans email correspondence according to specified parameters was written by programmers Yahoo last year. Previously, Yahoo management has already entered into a confrontation with the NSA, when security services were trying to get access to the personal correspondence of their users. At that time the company has opposed this and even introduced end-to-end-encryption of email messages. But, as it turned out, the US government has found a way to put pressure on the second most popular search giant.

The decision to cooperate with NSA was made head of the company Marissa Mayer. At the same time such a ‘concession’ hacked off the head of the Yahoo's Information Security Alex Stamos, who shortly thereafter left his job and got a job in Facebook. For many years he opposed to the fact that someone else could gain access to personal information, but the company's management decided the issue in their own way, without taking into account the opinion of his.

Information Security Department was even decided not to be involved in writing algorithm. Instead, the creation of the necessary software engaged programmers responsible for the work of the postal service. They have created a user-friendly application that filtered mail and searched in it symbols, words and phrases that interest intelligence agencies. After the letters were found, they were loaded to a separate server to which senior FBI and NSA employees had access to.

Of course, we have no one to confirm and even hardly comment on this information in the Search Engine Company officially. But Reuters employees believe that their sources are not wrong. Yahoo does scan e-mail correspondence of hundreds of millions of its users and shares the results with specific agents. It remains an open question whether other major US corporations like Google and Apple decided to cooperate with their government.


  • October 17, 2016 5:59 PM MSK