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Creator of PRIZM Alexei Muratov suggested to use ICO to develop the economy of Chechnya bypassing the US and EU sanctions

Today the issue of economic development is especially relevant for Russia - the country is under the regular and endless pressure of anti-Russian economic sanctions. This, in turn, further stimulates state bodies, representatives of political, financial and social institutions of the society to search for new instruments which in the nearest future will allow to build a new economic structure of the country, while basing it on the principles of independence from foreign policy factors (this face was the reason of the sanctions in the first place).

Today, crypto-currencies, Blockchain technology and ideas for various ICOs can become such a unique tool. It was in support of the latter option that Mr. Alexei Muratov, the creator of PRIZM crypto currency, and the chairman of the international public movement "Change the World Together" made a speech.

The idea was put forward during the event of “Avanti” project, a Russian platform for the development of business patriotism. Speaking to organizers and guests of the business platform, Mr. Alexei Muratov outlined the idea of attracting hundreds of millions of dollars to the economy of the Chechen Republic, bypassing anti-Russian economic sanctions. As a suitable tool, the leader of CWT and PRIZM suggested to use the ICO process for a particular region.

The idea of ​​using the ICO mechanism and of inclusion the foremost industry in the development of the economy of Chechnya has gathered a variety of feedback from representatives of the business community who attended the event.

Mr. Sergey Dvorianov: (President of the International Diplomatic Club "Amicablity"): "The topic of crypto currencies and blockchain is widely discussed." Many people earn big money on this - they are interesting projects. "You can earn huge sums without leaving your house. We are entering a new technological revolution - our entire planetary civilization, which is connected with that, the old money is obsolete, just like before, there were wooden money, then stone, then metal. Now digital money. I think that the crypto currency, probably has the future. Russia will generally strengthen its economy by spreading production, by strengthening agriculture - we are not afraid of any trouble or any storm of cryptocurrencies, so everything is in our hands. "

Mr. Mihvil Tyurin: (The founder of the laboratory is the architecture "Abstract studio" and the company "Art groups"): "I was lucky to work at “Red October” in government co-working. To get acquainted with Andrei Kuznetsov - he has a patent for the term "blockchain." Blockchain needs to negotiate with the Government on control, because everyone can already have their own equal rights.”

Mr. Dmitry Zusmanovich: "Let there be a crypto currency – there only should not be a war! What is US dollar? What is it based on? With this multi-trillion dollar debt of the United States of America ... ". 

Mr. Rezyapov Ildar: (Chairman of the political party "Veterans of Russia"): "Let’s remember 2012, and today Bitcoin rate has increased thousands of times. I will say honestly, I had such thoughts at the very most - to acquire a crypto currency for that time. The Crypto currency is being legalized in a number of countries where it was prohibited before- the world is transforming very rapidly. "

Also, Mr. Alexei Muratov spoke to delegation from Bangladesh, who are leading a close cooperation with the Russian Federation in the field of economy, industry and trade. The founder of PRIZM and the leader of CWT gave representatives of Bangladesh a number of ideas for the development of the country's economy through the active involvement into crypto-currency industry.

"You need to run the ICO state project. And when the state sees the advantage of this technology, then you will collect tens or hundreds of millions of dollars for a project in which the state is interested.

If it is economically profitable and then gives return - conduct your ICO, issue your own crypto currency, sell it, and build this bridge. When the bridge starts working, people pay fees in the form of taxes and by collecting these funds, by getting income from the project, you buy your tokens back. The price for it starts growing due to the fact that demand begins to exceed supply - thereby, investors receive income. Here's how it works, “- suggested Mr. Alexei Muratov.

  • September 20, 2017 7:51 PM MSK