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Mining at the facilities of “Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant”: verdict of Alexei Muratov, the leader of CWT and PRIZM

Since today the crypto-currency industry leaves its imprint on the economic, technological and even political aspects of society's life, a very large number of public people are coming forward with their unique proposals for the usage of advanced technologies related to this market.

One of the recent examples of this phenomenon is the Governor of the Leningrad Region, Mr. Alexander Drozdenko, who initiated the creation of a techno park for the development of crypto-currency in the liberated areas of the “Leningrad NPP”. As Mr. Alexander Drozdenko said, the developers of crypto currency and technological start-ups had already been invited to occupy the vacant premises of the first nuclear power plant. The launch of the Techno Park has already been planned - it will start its work next year, and its developers and investors will receive appropriate privileges at the state level.

"We have already discussed it with the heads of “Rosatom” about the opportunity to use the facility of “Leningrad NPP” as a techno park designed for cheap energy. And for the production of Bitcoins, first of all, large areas for processing and cheap electric power are required. And if small and medium businesses support this topic, then we can become pioneers in the country to create a plant for the production of electronic money, "- said the governor.

Mr. Alexei Muratov, chairman of the public movement "Change the World Together" and founder of PRIZM crypto currency, gave an in-depth and objective verdict of this initiative on air of "Business FM" radio station. Mr Alexei Muratov worked as a head engineer at Kursk Nuclear Power Plant for more than 10 years, and personally is familiar with the current director of Leningrad NPP Mr. Vladimir Pereguda (also worked at Kursk NPP as a deputy director, actively supported youth initiatives and innovative ideas).

"If you ask me wether there are people who plan to invest in mining, construction of mining farms - of course there are. The Leningrad NPP site is one of the best options for its location - it would be profitable for “Rosenergoatom” as well.

But personally I think that the topic of mining is the past day, and the mining itself is an empty job. You do not need to spend such power to ensure the system's performance. Today this fact is demonstrated by a huge number of new generation crypto-currencies, which are based on Proof of Stake technology, "- comments Mr. Alexei Muratov.


  • September 19, 2017 2:20 PM MSK