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Russia needs an analogue of Bitcoin: Alexei Muratov called for the creation of a national cryptocurrency

Not so long ago, the official portal of legal information published an order of the President of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin "On the approval of the working group of the Economic Council under the President of the Russian Federation in the direction of" Digital Economy ".

As stated in the Regulation on the Digital Economy working group, its main tasks and functions are: the formation and preparation of an offer to the President of the Russian Federation for the development of the "digital economy", the definition and development of approaches to transforming markets in digital realities, the formation of personnel and scientific and technical reserve for the work of the "digital economy".

In fact, such a decision is another indicator of the beginning of global changes not only in the Russian economy, but also in the world economy. In order to tell about the processes taking place in the world economy and to analyze such phenomenon as legalization of the crypto-currency, the chairman of the CWT Mr. Alexei Muratov wrote a special video message - he spoke about the nuances through which the crypto-currency industry is passing on the way to interaction with the states.

Text of the appeal:

"Legalization of the crypto-currency is the state’s surrender to the global speculative business. In part, I understand why the state with refuses part of its state sovereignty so easily. They just did not have it before. More details about the role of the Fed, the IMF and the National Securities I shared in my previous video.

Yes, today it is difficult to track the flow of crypto currency, including Bitcoin, but it is not difficult to track the flow of goods and services. It is not difficult to put into circulation wallets in which the data of individuals and legal entities must be registered without fail. In which way this task is more difficult than the one that was solved by transferring calculations from cash to electronic circulation?

Adoption of regulatory and legal acts on the turnover of crypto currencies and making all the wallets compulsory with identification will solve not only the task of getting out of the shadows, but also automatic payment of taxes, increasing the collection of taxes, reducing accounting, tax and financial reporting and much more.

Personally, I am more worried about Bitcoins about the lack of information about who controls more than a million of Bitcoin that have never moved from the wallets of a certain Satoshi. This is especially important, given that Bitcoin becomes centralized as it develops and can be controlled by 2-3 largest mining pools as a result. So all the emission of new Bitcoin will be carried out only by them. Control issues remain open because when it is unknown who the developer is, who knows who supports the project - anything can happen.

But Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are interesting to people. This is in demand by society. It's legal or not legal, but it definitely will happen. We cannot escape from it and live in this world. Blockchain and crypto-currencies are the same world revolution like the French bourgeoisie once was. Everybody knows what the policies of the then conservative Russia itself led to. Do not repeat mistakes. Russia should have its own counterpart. This revolution cannot be ignored or attempted to be suppressed, its laws must be thoroughly studied, accepted for service. Thus, Russia should not only lead this revolution, but also direct it in the right direction. You ask me, what do I consider to be the right direction?

The emission of new banknotes based on the crypto currency should be transferred not to financial elites, global business and stock speculators, but to the common people. To all people who use it. Russia's DNA is historically quite favorable for the development and promotion of such an idea. We are sure that it will be supported throughout the world.

This concept underlies in the decentralized crypto currency PRIZM. This idea was first technically implemented by us. The emission of new coins is distributed among all, and hence there is no emission center. PRIZM - the best among the Crypto-currencies, which pretend to be a decentralized means of payment.

Having told about the technical advantages of PRIZM comparing to Bitcoin in my previous video, I got a lot of questions on crypto currency Ethereum and tokens on Ethereum. As for the Ethereum and tokens on it, these are rather shares of companies that have their value and are traded as securities. The main task for Ethereum is the maintenance of smart contracts, so the fact that it gives in to PRIZM ontechnical parameters to be a proper payment tool - is critical for them. Therefore, it will not be entirely fair to compare Ethereum and PRIZM according to these technical criteria. But all the crypto-currencies that promote themselves as a decentralized payment instrument are technically and conceptually inferior to PRIZM.

Moreover, today, there are no payment systems, except PRIZM, which, as they develop, are not becoming centrist. In other words, in future they do become as centralized as today’s banks or emission centers such as the Fed. At the same time, do not forget about the problem of 51%. It is solved today only in PRIZM.

Honestly saying, yes, PRIZM today is inferior to Bitcoin in popularity and the number of participants, since PRIZM is a young crypto currency. Even if you remove conspiracy, in any case, there is a strong team behind Bitcoin in the face of manufacturers and sellers of mining equipment, owners of large mining farms and pools, owners of stock exchanges and stock exchange players.

PRIZM breaks many stereotypes and dogmas, so our path is not easy and depends on you. But we and many world experts consider this way to be truthful and those who will follow this path along with us will be among the first to win the most. "

  • September 5, 2017 11:52 AM MSK