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The role of PRIZM in the industry of crypto-currencies: Alexei Muratov conducted another training for networking leaders

From the very beginning, the unique feature of the International Public Movement "Change the World Together" and the team of the advanced cryptocurrency PRIZM are the regular conducting of offline events, the focus on the development of the crypto-currency industry and the delivery of the current knowledge basis to ordinary users.

It is known that in an industry which is inherently built on a network component, it all begins with experienced and charismatic leaders. It is this feature that sets the priority for work not only with a mass audience, but also with individual networking leaders who will have high-quality information and share it in future. The leaders of the structures also organize meetings in the cities, they are teaching the financial literacy to people, as well as the basics of blockchain and how to interact with the world of crypto-currencies.

On August 29th, in Moscow, another offline event took place, it brought together networking leaders from all corners of the Russian Federation. During the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of the International Public Movement "Change the World Together" and the ideologist of the crypto currency PRIZM Mr. Alexei Muratov conducted a training that included both the information component as well as a number of topics for direct discussion among the participants of the training.

First of all, the training allowed networking leaders to get acquainted with the technical nuances of PRIZM – how to install the nodes on computers, how to confidently use the personal wallet and other details. Also, the guests of the event were able to directly ask questions to the developers and authors of the concept of PRIZM.

MLM-leaders were able to ask the questions to Mr. Alexei Muratov, and were getting open and detailed answers. Most of the guests were interested in the further plans of the team, which is promoting the crypto currency. In addition, special attention was paid to the technical superiority of PRIZM over other crypto-currencies.

On the agenda - what is happening in Bitcoin network and the global legalization of crypto-currencies

However, in addition to issues related to PRIZM, the participants of the training also discussed the industry of crypto-currencies in general.

Naturally, one of the main agendas was the situation which is happening in Bitcoin network (for example, recently the average rate of the crypto currency overcame the barrier of $ 4800 and was traded at $ 4800.32).

A sharp increase of Bitcoin rate is being discussed by everyone, because since the beginning of 2017 the crypto currency has grown almost five times. If we compare it with the classical yield of shares, then Bitcoin is only behind two companies whose shares are traded on world financial exchanges. Today, this economic phenomenon is widely discussed in the media - in particular, in the “Wall Street Journal”.

Also, the guests of the meeting noted the growth of a number of Ethereum-tokens. It is known that the OmiseGo rate has recently grown up to a record $ 12.5, and the market capitalization of this crypto currency in its turn exceeded $ 1.2 billion.

In addition to rates of crypto-currencies and changes in its’ networks, the participants of the event discussed the legal aspects of the crypto-currency industry and a number of changes towards the legalization of the industry in some countries. So, for example, the representative of the National Bank of Ukraine Mr. Yakov Smolia recently said that mining is not a violation of Ukrainian legislation. It is known that in other countries there is a positive attitude towards the market of crypto-currencies.

You can get more details of the meeting by viewing the video on YouTube:


  • September 2, 2017 10:05 PM MSK