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Conference in Bali, Indonesia was held by Activists of “Change the World Together” International Public Movement and PRIZM

The offline activity of supporters of the International Public movement “Change the World Together” is increasing every day. First of all, it manifests itself in the regularity and of the ongoing conferences, meetings of leaders and other events, as well as improvement of informational content.

Most recently, we wrote about regular meetings in Indonesia - today we will talk about the latest events in Bali. This coincidence is not accidental: CWT activists are sure that for today the Asian region is the place which needs the development in crypto currencies most of all. One cannot help saying that the residents of the region themselves demonstrate a deep interest in the prospects of PRIZM crypto currency, which is being actively discussed during the events.

About the conference held on August 20th, 2017

One of the latest meetings took place on August 20th, which coincides with a holiday regularly celebrated in Bali. However, despite the nationwide festive events, the conference "Change the World Together" was attended by about 35 people.

In addition to the ideology of CWT, people learned how to use PRIZM - in particular, about the installation of nodes for forging (necessary to maintain the network - the more activists install the node, the more decentralization and sustainability the PRIZM network gets).

Participants were explained about the principle of the work of various projects that position themselves as crypto-currencies with a referral system (basically, they are HYIPs) - they learnt about vulnerabilities and about the system of central management wherein developers can make anything with the network and people's money.

CWT activists discussed what is happening in Bitcoin network as well as Tom Lee's recent statement


Today, the highest priority in development is people's awareness and knowledge about crypto-currencies in general, so there was one of the topics in the agenda of the event that in recent days is the most popular in the in the industry of crypto currencies - the rapid change of Bitcoin rate and other changes taking place in its network.

In particular, the leaders of the International Public Movement drew participant’s attention to the statement of the founder of Fundstrat, Mr. Tom Lee, who the other day said that by the middle of next year the Bitcoin exchange rate will reach $ 6000.

The main reason for the growth of Bitcoin's rate, aw per Mr. Tom Lee, is the interest of a number of institutional investors to it as well as the systematic introduction of crypto-currencies into the world economy. In addition, the analyst mentions the activities of LedgerX Company, which provides the opportunity to trade bitcoin-derivatives.

"Central banks will look at crypto-currencies a bit different when the cumulative cost of Bitcoin reaches $ 500 billion," the entrepreneur notes.

It is known that Tom Lee's forecast for Bitcoin is created according to the Metcalf Law - it says that the utility of the network grows exponentially and depends on the growth of the number of users of this network. In addition, the analyst is confident that the number of users of bitcoin will grow by 50% by 2018.

Also referring to traders in the crypto-currency industry, Mr. Tom Lee advises to be cautious - the businessman is sure that by the end of August the volatility of the bitcoin price will increase dramatically, and today the crypto currency is heavily overbought.

  • August 24, 2017 5:35 PM MSK