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New world financial system: CWT leader Mr. Alexei Muratov spoke about the events happening today in the global economy

The same way like the global financial system in general, the Crypto currency industry is changing rapidly. In the light of the current developments related to the innovations in Bitcoin network, many active users and simply observers of the situation are asking questions, because they do not have the objective information and are in a "limbo” state. It is difficult for people around the world to orient themselves in what to pay attention to, what to invest in, how to make a correct and far-sighted choice.

The international public movement "Change the World Together" always made efforts to inform people and develop the world of crypto-currencies. It was in order to share what is going on, the chairman of the CWT board Mr. Alexei Muratov recorded a special video message - the leader of the organization answered all the most frequently asked questions of users of crypto-currencies in details, by explaining a number of nuances of the industry.

Text of the appeal:

A look at the world through PRIZM

There is one astonishing feature of the crypto-currency, which almost has been missed by everyone. This is a hidden feature that has not revealed its potential yet. But when this happens, it will influence the whole world, changing every aspect of the way the society lives. Since ancient times, anyone who tried to create their own money (an alternative currency) has been killed. The centralized enemy is easily destroyed by "decapitation". Cut off the head of the "snake" - this will put an end to all who dare to challenge the power of financial elites - their sacred right to coinage.

This is what happened with e-gold in 2008. This was one of the first attempts to create an alternative currency. Since its launch in 1996 and until 2004, more than a million accounts have been created, and at the peak of activity in 2008, transactions worth more than $ 2 billion were processed.

The US government initiated proceedings against the four project leaders, accusing them of laundering money and conducting "unlicensed money transfers." The case "US v. E-GOLD, LTD and others" destroyed the company, making its founders bankrupt. Despite the soft verdict to the main participants of the case, their project was destroyed. Despite the fact that technically the government did not close e-gold, in fact the project ceased to exist. The key word in the charge is "unlicensed." The right to issue a license is exclusive.


In decentralized systems, the "snake" does not have a "head". A decentralized system is a hydra. Cut off her head - and two new ones will grow in her place.

In 2008, an anonymous programmer (or programmers) a unique solution for the restructuring of the old world financial system has been offered to the world. World elites skillfully "chop off heads" of the networks with centralized control, but "pure” P2P networks (such as TOR) are firmly standing on their feet.

This led to the birth of the first decentralized monetary system - Bitcoin. It was created to resist a violent coercion and control by the world's financial elites.

Theoretically, as the value of Bitcoin increases, so will grow the desire to catch this mysterious developer. Not because it is the head, (Bitcoin is the "hydra"), but because it controls at least a million coins that have never been removed from his original wallets.

If the venture investor Chris Dixon is right and Bitcoin goes up to $ 100,000 per coin, the value of a million coins will be $ 100 billion. If the price goes even higher, for example, up to 1 million dollars per coin - this will make Satoshi the world's first trillionaire. And this will cause an even greater desire to deal with him. We can be 100% sure that he will be hunted 24/7. Or will not? And what if behind the name of Satoshi there are owners of the dollar printing press and world bankers?

Already many people understand that the existing world financial system is a financial pyramid and, in fact, a fraud, while a simple person is a victim of this fraud, and now it's time to give the world an imaginary freedom from it. Yes, Bitcoin was born as a decentralized project, but as it develops it becomes a centrist model in the hands of large mining pools.

As a result, power over bitcoin will concentrate in one hands. And now add to this control over a huge number of bitcoins - and you get a fully managed project. Leaving fiat financial system based on the US dollar, the world can come to a financial system based on crypto-currencies (controlled by the same financial elites that are behind the Fed today). It turns out that we are changing the "awl for soap"?

The true strength of the crypto-currency is not an “open ledger”, not decentralization, and not even the confrontation to "hack of violence". These are only mechanisms of the system that allow it to survive and develop, bringing new opportunities to ordinary people. The most important feature of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies is visible only in hints and it is still hidden. The true strength of the crypto currency is the ability to "print" and distribute money without centralized power. Perhaps this will seem obvious, but I assure you that it is actually not, especially the second part of it.

The power has been in the hands of the world's financial elites for more than a hundred years. Now this right can return to its rightful owner - the People. And it will open the doors for the world economy, laying the first brick to a new resource-oriented economy, leaving the old world order with a deficit economy on the pages of history textbooks.

We created PRIZM because, before us, no one created a crypto-currency, which prints and distributes money without centralized force and which, as it develops, becomes even more decentralized. At the same time, the low cost of transactions allows it to be used as a proper payment method.

99% of the existing Crypto-currencies are forks of Bitcoin, which means they are copies. PRIZM is not a Bitcoin’s fork, since it has been even developed in another programming language. Bitcoin and its forks – are on C ++, and PRIZM – on Java. PRIZM is not based on the idea of POW. But at the same, the concept of PRIZM is fundamentally different from the idea of POS. Let me try to explain what the difference is.

The thing is that Satoshi implemented the first part of the concept: the ability to print money. But he did not mention the possibility of distributing this money. In fact, the second part is the most important detail of this puzzle. This omission created a critical vulnerability in Bitcoin ecosystem. Instead of distributing money all around the world, the system has switched from central banks to an unselected group of miners. These very miners staged a chaos in the system for years, by delaying necessary software improvements such as SegWit, and threatening with meaningless hard forks, with the purpose of lowering the price by inducing FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and buying even more coins at a lower price.

Bitcoin in fact had a decentralized model at the very start, and every year it becomes an increasingly centrist model in the hands of miners and stock speculators. This disaster is present in almost all crypto currencies today.

But what if it today everything was different? What if today a new system has been designed based on PRIZM crypto currency, and once and for all this system will change the financial and economic system of the world.

The key to it lies in how you distribute money at the time of its creation and further emission. Participants of the movement CWT - this is the first group of like-minded people who recognized this opportunity and today embodies it in life, thereby changing the whole world. To understand why and for what reason they do it, it is necessary to understand how money is created and poured into the system nowadays.

The Great Pyramid

In today's world, money starts the journey at the top and then descends. Imagine this in the form of a pyramid.

In fact, you can see the famous pyramid with the third eye on a one dollar bill. One of the clichéd arguments against Bitcoin is that it is a "Ponzi scheme" or a "pyramid". The pyramid is based on the involvement of the creators of the system of as many people as possible, the people who are paid money to attract other people, but not for goods or services. At the same time, goods or services may even be present, but only as a cover for the main scheme of work. Obviously, soon the flow of attracted people runs out and the entire system collapses like a house of cards.

"Ponzi schemes" have a similar meaning - here you attract investors, promising a fabulous profit on initial investments (as Bernard Madoff did), and then these investors, inspired by your promises, attract more people. The irony is that the fiat currencies (i.e., currencies typed supposedly by the state), such as Euro or US dollars, are more similar to a pyramid than Bitcoin. Why? First - because the money is printed at the top of the pyramid of the by Federal Reserve and Central banks, and then the rest of the crumbs are given to others. The problem is that to get even these crumbs is not so easy.

Money comes to the IMF and a limited number of large banks that either give credit to people, or give them out for work. In fact, hired labor or loan are the main means of obtaining money by people at the bottom of the pyramid. In other words, they exchange their time (work) or their future time (loan) for this money. The problem is that their time is a limited resource, which they can exchange until it runs out.

A separate issue is the IMF (International Monetary Fund). All that banks do with ordinary people, the IMF does with the whole countries. The central banks of almost 198 IMF member countries manage the emission of the national currency in the "Currency board" mode. This is necessary because any member country of the IMF is obliged to ensure a one-moment exchange of the entire volume of its national currency into dollars and pounds out of its own gold and foreign exchange reserves. At any time this rule should be followed. Without it, they do not make you a member of the IMF.

And eventually, the money in the economy of these countries becomes not as much as necessary for its normal functioning, but as much as the amount of dollars kept in the "goblet" of the Central Bank. As how much dollars was earned from the sale of oil and gas, so that much your own national currency you can print. That is, the entire economy of such countries is artificially placed in direct dependence to the export of natural resources, goods and services. For example - Russia.

The functions and powers provided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and by the Federal Law "On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)" are implemented by the Bank of Russia irrespective of federal bodies of state power, public authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation and local self-government bodies. The independence of the status of the Bank of Russia is reflected in Article 75 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as in articles 1 and 2 of the Federal Law "On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)".

Центральный Банк является юридическим лицом, независимым от государства;
Исключительным правом эмиссии наличных денег и организации наличного денежного обращения обладает только Центральный банк РФ;
Без разрешения Банка России государство не может распоряжаться имуществом и уж тем более золотовалютными резервами страны;
Государство не отвечает по обязательствам Банка России, а Банк России - по обязательствам государства;
Взаимоотношение валют регулирует Центробанк Российской Федерации независимо от правительства РФ;
Банк России вправе обращаться за защитой своих интересов в международные суды, суды иностранных государств и третейские суды;
Банк России в финансовой сфере может давать указания, положения и инструкции, что нужно делать, как государственным органам управления, так и юридическим и физическим лицам, и каждый должен их беспрекословно выполнять;
Банк России не вправе предоставлять кредиты Правительству Российской Федерации, зато разрешается кредитовать экономики других стран;
Банк России совершенно не обязан выполнять распоряжения президента, государственной думы, Министерства финансов и любых других органов государственного управления.
Председателя Банка России практически невозможно уволить, пока его срок полномочий не истек, даже если он плохо выполняет свою работу или попросту отказывается выполнять распоряжения правительства.
МВФ (Международный Валютный Фонд) – единственная структура, чьи указания должен выполнять Центральный банк.

But in addition to the function mentioned above, the IMF solves the important task of "driving" the countries into the pyramid of debts in such a way that the country will never get out of it and return its state sovereignty.

Imagine: the bank that issued you a loan in order to extend the term of the loan sets a condition that your son does not go to college, but goes to vocational school or that a friend of this banker lives with you in your apartment. You don’t like it? But there are no other options.

So. To summarize, let's return to PRIZM

All crypto-currencies are conceptually identical. They all have one problem. They are born decentralized, but as they grow, they become centrist like how Bitcoin is today. For example, in order to generate a new coin, to mine Bitcoin, you need to select pairs of prime numbers thanks to what the block is generated, which means if you generate a new block in blockchain, the genesis block gives you a coin as a reward, by sending it to your address. And this is how it works in all cryptocurrencies - to generate a new coin it is necessary to support the network.

Maintaining the network is basically called mining, or forging. Miners do not deal with bitcoins as most people imagine, they generate blocks in blockchain and for that they get a reward in the form of Bitcoin. In Bitcoin genesis block it is already written, as to how many bitcoins should be given for each block and within what period of time.

Genesis block will give bitcoin depending on the level of difficulty, and the same applies to all the other cryptocurrencies. This unified concept leads to centering, that is, to centralization. As at the initial stage there are a lot of miners, it is easy to mine, easy to generate blocks, and easy to maintain the network. Accordingly, anyone can mine, as there are many miners and they will not let anything happen to the network. This applies to both the concepts – POW as well as POS.

In POW, if the complexity of the network increases, then more powerful equipment is required, and one needs to invest a lot of money to be able to generate new blocks of blockchain, respectively, the competition is decreasing, since you need a lot of “iron” to generate blocks.

The same goes with the classic POS concept. To generate new blocks you need to have coins. The more coins you have, the more blocks you forge; the more blocks you forge, the more coins you are given. Accordingly, you become stronger and stronger.

Competing with you becomes more difficult. And if you do not sell your coins to anyone, then you get the whole network concentrated on yourself. Because of this, all the network of blockchain which are working on this principle, are striving from decentralization to centering.

So, the more “power-iron” in POW or the more coins in POS, all these systems tend to centering or to capturing of this system.

In PRIZM, everything is fundamentally different: emission of coins is not related to the generation of blocks in blockchain. In fact, forgers are enthusiasts who maintain the network in a working condition and do not generate new coins. They simply receive a fixed commission from the transactions that were recorded in the block they create. The coins are generated for all the users simultaneously and this leads to even greater decentralization. It is impossible to accumulate 50% of coins in one place.

The more the network of users grows, the more it spreads. The amount of users grows and Genesis is required to generate new coins for different addresses. To get more coins from Genesis, users are forced not only to keep their coins, but also to distribute them to their followers by popularizing the system and leading it to an even greater decentralization.

PRIZM is conceptually completely different. Generation of coins is made for storage, regardless of whether you create new blocks or not. Coins are generated based on the available balance.

Today, there is not a single crypto currency in the world such as PRIZM. We mean - Crypto-currency, which is not to be confused with the huge number of HYIPs posing as a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, in which the function of generation of new coins and the function of generation of new blocks for maintaining the network of blockchain - are divided.

PRIZM is the only cryptocurrency wherein blockchain is on one side of the coin, and the generation of coins is on the other side of it, and all this is connected in one 100% decentralized cryptocurrency. No one has it yet.

This makes it possible not to become centralized, but to preserve the original concept of the tool which is decentralized, open, transparent and controlled by a huge number of users of the network.

  • August 21, 2017 6:08 PM MSK