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Mr. Alexei Muratov commented on rapid rise of Bitcoin's rate live on air on the television channel "The Rain"

Right after the positive changes that have occurred in Bitcoin network, the general attention to the industry of crypto currency has increased at times in a matter of days. It is quite natural that the media remain the unconditional leader of maintaining interest to the topic - at the moment it is difficult for people to orient themselves in what is happening with crypto-currencies and what is the reason for such a sharp rise in Bitcoin (On August 13th, the rate of the crypto currency exceeded the level of $ 4,000, which is increasing about 10% per day).

This time the CWT leader spoke live on the TV channel "The Rain". Mr. Alexei Muratov explained that the sharp increase in Bitcoin's rate was primarily due to the recent innovations of the crypto currency and systematic reduction of the load on its network.

Within the framework of the established trend "Change the World Together" aimed at informing people and at developing the world of crypto-currencies, the chairman of the international public movement Mr. Alexei Muratov again spoke to the media.


"The system has a new birth, so fears that were present before, went on side and now people again start to buy Bitcoin actively ", - said Mr. Alexei Muratov.

In addition, the Head of the movement (and the founder of the new PRIZM crypto currency) drew attention to the prospects of crypto currency and a sharp distinction of it with the existing financial bubbles: "The fact is that today a world financial system based on the US dollar is rather a soap bubble and a financial pyramid. Today, the Federal Reserve is a private shop that prints dollars in unlimited quantities. Nobody knows how many new dollars are thrown into the world economy every day. New dollars depreciate the old ones. "


"You know, Bitcoin, blockchain technology is decentralization. They tried to fight and ban Bitcoin and crypto-currencies in every country. But today almost all countries understand that to ban the crypto currency in a single country is the same like to ban Internet. This will plunge the country irrevocably into a lag in IT technologies. Nowadays developed countries are trying to lead the movement of blockchain. We have a very strong intellectual potential. Russia's way is not to catch up with Bitcoin, but to create crypto-currencies of the new-generation", - concludes Mr. Alexei Muratov.

  • August 20, 2017 12:04 AM MSK