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Hypethon Promises Long-Expected Transparency For ICOs

There are less than two weeks to go until the first ICO Hypethon event, sponsored by the Waves Platform and hosted in the magnificent Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Teams, Angel investors, sponsors, crypto enthusiasts and Blockchain industry experts are all preparing for the first Hypethon event. ICO Hypethon is a Blockchain hackathon, accelerator and incubator all rolled into one. The main focus of the event will be the execution of legitimate and transparent initial coin offerings.



Angel investors will be contributing funding of up to $1.4 mln for worthy projects. To become an angel, one must purchase an angel’s ticket at Also, remember to use promo code “Cryptograph” at checkout to get a 25 percent discount. Angels will be traveling or watching the event online from all over the globe and will get the chance to meet with the pre-ICO teams at the Hypethon. Interviewing the teams on request will be possible.

The following projects will be represented at Hypethon, with more still being vetted.

  • Cryptopay - a crypto asset debit card provider.
  • KickCity - a Blockchain-based events platform.
  • RunCPA - affiliate networking with Bitcoin payouts.
  • Rosenbridge Digital - a decentralized funding platform.
  • LegalORN - legal documents on a Blockchain.
  • jNet1 - an online platform for jewelry businesses.

There are over a hundred applicants and only 25 projects will make it through. The participating projects boast team members with solid backgrounds from existing businesses that are looking to expand their operations through Blockchain, as well as established Blockchain businesses which are looking to grow.

As ICOs are becoming riddled with scammers and con artists, events like Hypethon are important because they pre-screen the projects that present. This doesn’t eliminate the possibility of bad projects making it through, but it definitely makes it more difficult for them. Teams will have a few minutes for their opening pitch on Aug. 16 and after that, the Angels will be free to roam the Street Art Museum investigating the teams, their projects and their business models.

A panel of Blockchain experts will decide the top three projects on Aug. 17, but Angels are free to invest in any project they choose.

Source: Cointelegraph.


  • August 10, 2017 8:05 PM MSK