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New anti-Russian sanctions will directly affect the turnover of Cryptocurrencies

As you know, for some time, the cryptocurrency remained exclusively an economic tool and a means of increasing the convenience of transactions. However, as time went on, with the popularity grown, the cryptocurrency market began to become an instrument of geopolitical game.

This state of affairs is vividly demonstrated by the legislative act, which has been signed last week by US President Donald Trump. Initially, the law is aimed to introduce a new list of sanctions against the Russian Federation, but it contains one more provision that affects the crypto-currency market and clearly does not crypto users around the world happy.

In addition, the document contains the formulated task of developing a national strategy for the US within the framework of security and combating international terrorism. This direction directly affected the accompanying types of financial turnover - in particular, the one beyond the control of the state.

US lawmakers also noted the necessity of:

"... Discussions and data collection on trends in the area of illicit cash flow, including such evolving forms of transfer of values as the so-called crypto-currencies ..."

It is planned that the draft of national security strategy will be submitted to the US Congress next year. It will include the ideas of financial regulators, the State Department, the NSA and other government departments.

In addition, the draft of this law includes restrictions against Iran and North Korea. However, despite the full support of it from the Congress, Donald Trump was not expected to sign this legislative initiative.

Analysts of different orientations emphasize that the last law introduces the most ambitious and comprehensive package of sanctions against the Russian Federation since 2014. An interesting feature is the point that in the future it will put the US President in a dependent position, obliging him to coordinate with the legislators any actions related to sanctions.

Автор: Александр Пашков

  • August 9, 2017 2:11 PM MSK