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Stars of Russian show business shared their opinion about the cryptocurrency PRIZM

So, the popularity of PRIZM is growing. Today, it is interesting to observe this development, marking the stages which a new and advanced cryptocurrency is passing.

"I would introduce crypto currency in my business, since, according to forecasts, in 5 years all companies will use it! (с)

As in many other stories of formation of any crypto-currency, the growth of PRIZM has been marked with important stages. Frist, the listing on monitor services and sites, the evaluation of capitalization, and the explosion of attention from the global leaders ... However, an equally important stage is the formation of any crypto currency as a media object. As a rule, this extremely important process begins with media attention and discussion in the world of show business.

Speaking about the last stage, we would like to emphasize that at the moment the activists of the project and just people who are attentive to the world of cryptocurrency are witnessing the beginning of PRIZM discussion in show business. Recently, during one of the Russian show-biz parties a number of actors, businessmen, musicians and other representatives of show business told their opinion about the recently launched crypto currency.

Of course, opinions were divided and, logically, business representatives were more aware of the world of crypto currency than the people of the cinema and music industry.

Nevertheless, regardless of awareness, some people of show business prefer to use traditional methods of transactions and banking without planning to test new technologies. Such person, for example, is Mr. Boris Grachevsky.

"Now there is a lot of ... QIWI money, Yandex-wallets and so on. But I have a card, I pay directly and everything on instance", the director claims.

The reasons of negative opinion among some people 

It is worth understanding and paying attention to the reasons of such an attitude.

 Of course, in this situation, there is a general set of reasons: reluctance to learn itself, fear of new technology trends, lack of the necessary knowledge etc.

  1. Negative presentation of all crypto-currencies in mass media.

The causes of the negative image of crypto currency in the media

Naturally, the biased attitude of the media takes its origin in the actual problems of popular crypto currencies today. Recently, the TOP of troubles has been made by hacker attacks and outright robberies.

For example, today, on August 1st, before the appearance of the expected hard fork Bitcoin Cash, the bitcoin-walelt Coinbase refused to support the new asset. As a result, more than 400,000 BTCs were stolen from the company's "cold" wallets by unknown intruders.

Not surprisingly, this situation occurred in the Etherium network as well. Since the switching of the famous BTC-e exchange offline, the funds located on the specialized Ethereum-wallet of the exchange were not used. Nevertheless, on Saturday, July 29th, absolutely all coins were withdrawn from the same wallet. Moreover, they were transferred through one transaction. As you know, the total number of coins withdrawn was 485,705.4597502 ETH (almost $ 95 million at the current rate).

CWT's Opinion

The Creator of CWT and PRIZM ideology Mr. Alexei Muratov comments on the project’s growing attention to the project: "Today, the crypto-currency market is reminiscent of the formation of the banking system - it's like “Wild West". A market which is not regulated. But I am sure that the crypto currency will be the basis of the new world financial system. It is coming into the world. This is just as promising as "Wild West" was a promising emerging banking system. "

"Dear friends! Study the technology, study about blockchain, start using crypto-currencies – it is the future. I am sure that the government will soon start regulating crypto-currencies, regulatory legal acts will be adopted and they will establish the status of the crypto-currency. From the "Wild West" period we will come to the civilized world! "- concludes the chairman of the International Public movement" Change the World Together ".

*Video of the event:

  • August 5, 2017 9:09 PM MSK