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PRIZM strengthens during another "fever" in the networks of top crypto currencies

Not so much time has passed since the spring "fever" of the world's most popular crypto currencies. The leader in terms of tension, of course, is Bitcoin - sharp drops and takeoffs of the rate of this cryptocurrency gave worries not only to ordinary users, but to big investors and, apparently, allowed ... mining pools to earn extra.

Crisis and subsequent speculations in Ethereum

Such speculative behavior of most of the miners at the moment can be seen during the congestion of the blockchain in Ethereum - immediately after the beginning of the next crisis of this crypto currency, representatives of the mining pools immediately increased the throughput of transactions. According to CoinDesk (which in turn refers to the indicators of the well-known analytical platform Etherchain), a massive jump in the "gas limit" in the blocks of Ethereum crypto currency network occurred on Thursday, June 29th.

This chart shows that within a very short time the "gas limit" in the network of Ethereum crypto-currency increased by about a third.

"Gas" is the unit of computing power in Ethereum crypto currency. The term "gas consumption" is designed to clarify the processing power required to perform an action in the network.

It is well known that the price for “gas” is formed by the Ethereum miners. Thus, the higher limit implies an increase of the actions in the block. Therefore, such loads on the blockchain are beneficial for mining pools, but not for ordinary users of crypto currency.

Bitcoin in a dead end of discussions. Is it miners again?

To date, Bitcoin network is completely immersed in discussions on the topic of scaling the SegWit2x network. Many users view this initiative as a "golden mean" as a solution to the urgent issue of scaling Bitcoin. The initiative includes the activation of the Segregated Witness protocol by the miners. In addition, it is being planned to expand the block size further up to 2Mb.

The scandal and controversy of the topic also lies in the fact that a huge number of Bitcoin users are negatively opposed to the implementation of SegWit2x. Part of the community openly considers the scaling project as not only an unfinished one, but also as a technically too raw project. In addition, in the community, the assumption was that the scaling project is the result of agreements reached by the large representatives of the bitcoin industry-that is, the most ambitious mining pools.

Consequently, there is a probability of speculations of the top miners of Bitcoin and the artificial reversal of the situation for their purposes.

PRIZM - a rescue from artificial control of the situation by the miners

The current situation in the networks of leading crypto-currencies is a clear demonstration of how imperfect Proof-of-Work technology is. It creates sharp discussions in communities and the so-called "fever" in networks, allowing the speculators from major mining pools to earn millions of dollars for processing unnecessary information - in fact, informational garbage.


The advanced crypto currency PRIZM excludes these disadvantages in its work due to the generation of blocks using Proof-of-Stake technology.

Chairman of the Board of the International Public Movement CWT (“Change the World Together”) Mr. Alexei Muratov about crypto currency PRIZM: "It has been almost 10 years since the appearance of the first crypto-currency, which according to the plan of its creators was to become a convenient, anonymous means of payment.

It could replace money, but in this world there are forces for whom this currency, which cannot be controlled, is the collapse of their established positions, at the top of the global governance system.

And in order not to waste energy in combating the phenomenon, the power of which repeatedly exceeds the existing way of the world financial system, the minds and attention of people who realized the power crypto currency have been deployed in the opposite direction.

Crypto currency has evolved from a payment instrument to an investment tool. It lost its power in the speculative struggle on the stock exchange. And the race of mining capacities led to the fact that today in order to pay via bitcoin for a cup of coffee worth $ 1, you need to pay more than $ 20 to the miners for the confirmation of this transaction. The high cost of transactions today is a problem for absolutely all top crypto-currencies. The greed of stock speculators and miners is the scourge of bitcoin.

In this way the world's elites were able to subordinate something that cannot be fought.

Today, before it's too late, people must correct the situation and return the crypto-currencies to the state of convenient and anonymous payment method. Method which already is ready to replace the existing monetary system.

The turn is possible! And the concept of PRIZM is this Reversal.

Today the new generation cryptocurrency PRIZM is:

- 100% POS

- Fixed minimum reward to miners for the confirmation of the transaction,

- There is no need to sort out the hash garbage,

- It is not necessary to have huge mining capacities to ensure the operation of the system and to waste huge amounts of electricity.

- All this allowed to provide instant transfers and low cost, maximum decentralization and equal opportunities for all PRIZM participants.

The PRIZM.STORE system - is single rules for the circulation of PRIZM crypto currency. They allow you to maintain a stable rate throughout the entire period of mining of new coins.

Following these rules, people create a decentralized network of private banks. Banks, which will ensure a stable rate of crypto currency PRIZM in future.

Only the concept of PRIZM.STORE today opens the door to a world of transparent payments for goods and services created by our own work.

To evaluate Prizm and understand its perfection, one needs to know the basics of blockchain technology and the principle of the existing crypto currencies.

Study about PRIZM and - a new world of financial relations will open for you! ».

You can also watch PRIZM Manifest on Youtube CWT Official Channel:

Автор: Александр Пашков

  • July 4, 2017 7:51 PM MSK