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Mr. Alexei Muratov is in the new list of the U.S. sanctions next to the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia

Last Tuesday, the Ministry of Finance of the USA once again listed people and organizations subject to economic sanctions. The latest adjustments to the sanctions list are described in the Office official message.

Change the World Together

In addition to 37 people and organizations, along with Mr. Sergei Nazarov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Mr. Alexander Babakov, Russian President's Special Representative and other patriots of the country defending pro-Russian views, Mr. Aleksey Muratov, Chairman of the International Public Movement "Change the World Together", also was added to the list.


Change the World TogetherUkraine

The International Public Movement "Change the World Together" was officially registered a year ago and has supporters all over the world. Alexei Muratov is also the author of the book "Ideology of CWT" with over a hundred thousand copies in a dozen languages - including Russian, English, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Bahá'si and others.

Change the World Together

Change the World Together

"Adding me in this sanction list is an attempt to restrict my travelling. I constantly travel around the world, presenting my book and telling people about the imperfection of the world financial system based on dollar. More and more people understand this and begin to search the way out. They see it in a decentralized financial system based on Blockchain – crypto currencies.

Recently, the international group of CWT developers created a new generation of crypto currency. It is called PRIZM and as per opinion of many experts PRIZM is a technical perfection. It is much more advanced than existing crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin. The mission of PRIZM is to replace the US dollar from circulation, " - comments Mr. Alexei Muratov, commenting on the adding to the sanctions list.

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To sum it up: Because of the fight against the world financial system, the US government added the leader of the CWT movement into the sanctions list. The International Public Movement CWT has set itself an ambitious goal to save humanity from dollar slavery. We call on all the patriots and all people who want to be free from financial oppression and who want their children's welfare – please, do support our movement and start your own way to liberation from the "dollar needle."

Автор: Александр Пашков

  • June 28, 2017 8:08 PM MSK