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“Change the World Together” and PRIZM took part in international blockchain conference held in Kazakhstan

As you know, the International Public Movement "Change the World Together" always takes all possible actions to participate in various events dedicated to topics of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

On 14th-15th of June,2017, there was the largest event of the crypto-currency and digital economy - "Block chain Conference Astana" held in the city of Almaty, capital of Republic of Kazakhstan. Representatives of “CWT” movement also took part in this event.

Few words about “Blockchain Conference Astana”

The conference in Kazakhstan gathered about 20 top-ranking speakers from all over the world (they directly participated in this summit). In turn, the 10-hour educational course, which includes the principles of networking, was presented to the ordinary visitors of “Blockchain Conference Astana”

Representatives of banks and other economic sectors, companies from the fields of hydrocarbons and energy and various state institutions - were invited to this summit. Also firms who are developing the area of ​​"save-energy" concept were presented.

Particular attention was paid to blockchain start-ups, which are currently in the stream of information flow - those that are most widely discussed in the media and Internet.

Initially, the topics of the international conference were the following:

  • Kazakhstan - unlimited opportunities for financial-technical innovation
  • Blockchain in financial world
  • Creating of secure payment solutions
  • Blockchain for e-gov, e-voting
  • Legislation and regulation
  • All-consuming technology: the best real-cases
  • Blockchain in energy sector

"Astana was chosen for the conference for several reasons. First, Kazakhstan has a huge potential for the development of the financial industry. The country has taken a course for accelerated technological modernization of the economy. Secondly, in 2017 Kazakhstan will become the center of attention for the whole world - from June to September, the world-famous EXPO will be held in the capital of our country ", organizers of Blockchain Conference Astana commented on the conduct of the blockchain event.

"Change the World Together" and PRIZM in "Blockchain Conference Astana"

"It's a great conference. No doubt, in Kazakhstan there is a great interest to Blockchain technology, crypto currencies. And this shows that today, not only in Asia, but also in the CIS countries, the technology itself is very actively promoted, there is a great interest from all the participants. I am confident that in future everything will only expand more and more, "- said Mr. Alexei Muratov , “CWT” Chairman of the board.

Also, the leader of “Change the World Together” Movement separately spoke about the recently launched PRIZM cryptocurrency and its features: "As for PRIZM, this is indeed a unique cryptocurrency, which today is much more advanced than Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. But to appreciate it, of course, one needs to know at least the basics of Blockchain, one needs to know how the crypto currencies which exist nowadays, work. It's like Stradivari's violin - if you do not understand musical instruments, it's hard for you to appreciate this work of art. So it is same with PRIZM. Of course, we will continue to promote PRIZM, we will teach people not only to financial literacy, but also about the basics of Blockchain, we will chew and explain what factors distinguishes crypto currencies from each other - I'm sure this will help them to make the right choice. "

"Nevertheless, do not sit still. I do not understand those people who still don’t use cryptocurrency. Share the ideology of CWT, buy Bitcoin, buy PRIZM – the success is guaranteed! "- Mr. Alexei Muratov optimistically summed up.

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Автор: Александр Пашков

  • June 27, 2017 4:03 PM MSK