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The world is a cinema

For better understanding of the distribution of resources in the world, I suggest considering the model of our society in the form of a cinema.
Imagine such a large cinema for 7 billion seats - according to the number of the population. One seat - it's part of our planet's resources for normal existence of one person.
We already consider our world rich and self-sufficient. We have the technology and resources to meet the needs of all people living on Earth, we just need to put priority not on the profit and wealth, but on just satisfaction of these needs. Doing rational use of resources, its optimization and implementation of intelligent technologies, will make it possible to build a completely different world.
So we imagine that our world - a cinema, in which each person takes his seat, where he is guaranteed to get conditional benefits package. This guaranteed social package includes: the ability to implement their creative talents, to live in decent conditions - in a house or apartment, free education and medical services,  healthy food, clean water, comfortable rest. And what comes out in reality?

There is a saying that everyone is equal but some are more equal than others. And these "more equal than others" believe that they have a right to hold not one, but several seats in the cinema. We are imposed the values in the form of money and while chasing after them, each trying to get as much seats  as it’s possible. For instance, if you are a member of a parliament, it means that you have right for 10 seats, if an oligarch - you already purport for 1,000 seats. It turns out that one person gets a thousand times more resources that he can neither absorb nor digest, and the other, instead of chairs huddles on the steps in the aisle. One lives in a luxurious palace, fattens and overeats, and others, whom he had kicked off his chair, forced to vegetate in slums.

Unfortunately, imposed on us the false system of values most of people don't recognize with any surprise or resistance. People are used to live like that, are resigned to inequality. However, with the correct and rational use of resources we can achieve results when everyone on Earth will live in conditions above the current average. Each will take his convenient and comfortable seat. But for this you need to make an effort not to be indifferent and apathetic. By joining the ranks of the Change the World Together, everyone will take the first step to reforming the global system of values.

  • October 15, 2016 10:16 AM MSK