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Jamie Oliver won a court against McDonald's

Renowned chef discovered the awful truth about what is actually delicious meat made for hamburgers and nuggets of.

Jamie Oliver won a court against McDonald's and proved that people can not eat their food! After James’ statements, dishes that are made in McDonalds, you can not even call a meal. The meat for hamburgers, Big Macs and other ‘dishes’ made from washed beef fat, and it is washed in the usual ammonium hydroxide. If not for this process, then, according to chef, is not something that taste would be disgusting, even the sight would not satisfy the requirements of the most disgusting holes on the Earth.

According to Oliver, restaurant chain is carried on taking a product that even the has not eaten, and make it suitable for human consumption. But it is not only the fact of deception is outrageous in this story, ammonium hydroxide is toxic to the human body. There is also not without the process of adding food color.

During the interview, Oliver demonstrated how from fat, skin and internal organs can be made meat suitable for consumption, and wondered: “What does reasonable person feed their children meat with ammonia for?” The mixture, which is obtained as a result of the experiment, was very similar to the pink slime.


  • October 13, 2016 5:11 PM MSK