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Bitcoins’ total cost exceeds Gazprom capitalization

Bitcoin exchange rate reaches historic heights of up to $2866.

Experts believe, this is only the beginning. In a comment to Vesti.Economics, Roman Tkachuk, a leading expert of Alpari, said that the 30% downfall seen by the digital currency on May, 26 had been regained in less than two weeks. The total cost of all Bitcoins by now has passed $46 billion, exceeding total capitalization of the leading Russian national gas exporter Gazprom.

According to Tkachuk, the major demand comes from the Asian countries such as Japan, China and South Korea. What is more, not only do private companies and investors show their interest towards Bitcoin, but also state institutions such as Central Banks. For instance, the Chinese Central Bank has announced recently its plans to develop a space for ICOs.

The expert believes that there are is a chance that Bitcoin will reach $3000 soon, his opinion being supported by a number of indicators, all of them on the growth. The interest towards Bitcoin shown by the general public is also at its historic heights, as shown by the number of google requests. Summing up, the expert said that the current trends make it reasonable to buy Bitcoins.


  • June 10, 2017 10:21 AM MSK