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World's first credit card with display

The French company Oberthur Technologies came up with a very original way of protection against credit card fraud.

Credit card fraud is now a fairly common problem. Attackers can steal the card number, date of its expiry, the user name and the CVC-code in several ways - for example, breaking a variety of online stores, placing skimmers on ATMs or just by peeking the data on your card when convenient. After that you may encounter with the theft of money from the bank account, and due to realities of our country it will be impossible to return to them.

The system called Motion Code invented by the French is based on using of floating CVC-code, which changes every hour. Thus, the theft of credit card's accounting data becomes meaningless: an hour later it will become simply useless. The high-tech card is seemingly indistinguishable from normal, but the CVC-code is not printed on it, but displayed on the small display on the electronic ink. And it is changing every 60 minutes.

As for the rest, the credit card is still made from durable plastic and has exactly the same size and thickness. The screen is powered by a built-in lithium battery, a charge which is enough for exactly three years, after which the card will require replacement. Now the Motion Code technology is already being tested by two French banks, after which it is planned to make it the standard for all bank cards. Poland, Mexico and the United Kingdom are next in turn.


  • October 12, 2016 5:32 PM MSK