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CWT activists were banned from holding a rally against NATO near the US Embassy in Montenegro

On Saturday, April 1, activists of the International Public Movement Change the World Together (CWT) carried out mass actions against the entry of Montenegro into NATO.

The rally in Ukraine, in Kiev was peaceful but in Montenegro the police banned any actions near the US embassies and even threatened to detain CWT activists.

The reason for the protest actions was the decision of the United States Senate on the accession of Montenegro to NATO. As Head of the Board of CWT Aleksey Muratov noted, this decision contradicts the sentiments of the majority of this Balkan republic population, whose opinion no one even asked. "This decision has been made by the member countries of Alliance themselves. When, in June last year, a draft resolution on entry into the Alliance was considered in the Montenegro parliament, one of the political forces tried to introduce a mandatory item - the holding of a referendum in the republic. However, the so-called democratic majority rejected this proposal. The pro-Western Assembly (Parliament) and the government of Montenegro were simply afraid to hold a referendum, as the opinion of country population would not coincide with their opinion on this matter," Aleksey Muratov noted.

According to him, in fact, involving Montenegro in NATO is another step towards a big war in Europe. "When the representatives of Alliance say that in this way they want to avoid the emergence of a new possible conflict in the Balkans, they at least dissemble. In fact, their goal is to destabilize the situation in Europe that can lead to a new big war," Aleksey Muratov emphasized.

According to the organizers of rally in Montenegro, despite the fact that they had notified the local authorities of the action in advance, when they came to the US Embassy at noon, several police cars arrived at once and threatened to detain everyone if they did not stop their meeting. "We were only 60 people, we received permission in advance and the only thing we were going to do was to hold a peaceful action against Montenegro's entry into NATO. However, the police did not even listen to us. Moreover, they threatened that they would arrest us, if only we come closer than 500 meters to the embassy. This is our democracy!" one of the activists shared.

Another participant admitted that despite the fact that they were not given an opportunity to hold the rally, they had to pay an administrative fine. "We went out to express our protest because due to the closest entry into NATO, we have remained without means of subsistence recently. Most of us have lived at the expense of tourists from Russia. And now our hotels and beaches are almost empty for the second year. But the crime rate and criminality are growing. We are confident that after entry into NATO, military bases will be built instead of peaceful resorts. Where are the guarantees that there will not be conducted tests of biogenetic and other weapons that do not conduct the so-called "first-hand" countries? We are afraid that we will be turned from a tourist paradise into a Euro-Guantanamo - into a military-intelligence "waste" zone," But they do not want to hear us, the authorities have already decided everything for us," the activist shared with us.

Despite the unsuccessful attempt to hold a rally on April 1, near the US Embassy in Montenegro, Change the World Together activists intend to hold the action again as soon as this opportunity is provided.

More than 300 CWT activists came to support their comrades from Montenegro to the US Embassy in Kiev. They held signs reading: "There is no involving Montenegro in NATO!", "Today Montenegro will entry into NATO, and tomorrow - Ukraine!", "Say “No!" to NATO's expansion to the East!". According to the protesters, they are afraid that after Montenegro's entry into the North Atlantic Alliance, this country can become another hot spot. "We understand full well that the expansion of NATO in Eastern Europe can lead to a new conflict, including in the Balkans. The residents of Ukraine know by experience how the intervention in the domestic politics of our countries of such "allies" ends: conflict, war, economic collapse, and fall of living standards. We are afraid that if tomorrow NATO decides to come to our country, then the people of Ukraine will not be asked too, whether we want it or not," one of the protesters said.

Recall that on March 28, the US Senate supported the entry of Montenegro into NATO by 97 votes against two. 25 countries that are members of the Alliance have already approved the decision to join the Alliance of Montenegro, which will become the 29th member of NATO. Negotiations with the government of this country were conducted from the end of 2015. On May 19, 2016, NATO countries signed a protocol on the entry of Montenegro into the Alliance, granting it status of observer at meetings. On June 17, 2016, the Document on supporting the integration of Montenegro into NATO was adopted in the Assembly (Parliament) of Republic.

Source: CWT News

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