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Bosch to use blockchain in automotive industry

German company Robert Bosch GmbH will use blockchain technology to combat illegally rolled-back odometers. This is reported by PCWeek.

Chairman of the Board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH Volkmar Denner presented innovative technologies at the international conference Bosch Connected World 2017 that would be used by the German industrial giant in its new business directions. In addition to artificial intelligence and cloud solutions, blockchain technology was mentioned as well.

The development of blockchain-based solutions will be carried out in partnership with the German certification authority TÜV Rheinland.

According to Denner, blockchain should permanently eliminate the odometer fraud. In Germany alone, the damage from illegally rolled-back odometers amounts about €6 billion.

The solution is based on a distributed registry to which mileage data is sent. Via a smartphone app, a car owner can reconcile his real mileage at any time by comparing it, for example, with a mileage on a car odometer.

If a car owner wants to sell his car, he receives a certificate of accuracy that confirms the veracity of his car’s mileage. This document can be posted on the Internet, for example, on an online car sales website.

Denner also described how artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and blockchain technology can interact.

ʺJust imagine that a stone flies in the air and smashes a side window of a car. A car service center receives an automatic alert through a cloud service and repairs it quickly. The logistics and forklifts determine that the part being replaced is ready and awaits the customer's arrival.

A mechanic in virtual reality glasses, where instruction is displayed, handles the problem much faster than usual. For drivers, the advantage is to reduce the waiting time of their cars: there is no need to come back for the car next day or to resort to additional expensive services.ʺ

Forklog reported previously that an automobile manufacturer Mercedes had joined a blockchain consortium Hyperledger.


  • March 27, 2017 3:07 PM MSK