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Antpool switches to Bitcoin Unlimited

The largest mining pool Antpool has decided to completely switch to the block production of Bitcoin Unlimited. This is reported by Bloomberg.

Antpool obtained its first block of BU a week ago. And now, it will channel its energy in that direction. The representatives of the pool also stated that Bitcoin hard fork was inevitable.

ʺWe are switching the entire pool to Bitcoin Unlimited. We cannot say yet how things will turn out after hard fork. We will only know about that when we get to it,ʺ CEO of Bitmain (operator of Antpool) Jihan Wu said.

According to, almost 15% of network hash rate belongs to Antpool.

Previously, another active proponent of Bitcoin Unlimited Roger Ver, whose own pool ( accounted for about 3% of network hash rate, said that 60-70% of miners were needed to activate this solution.

ʺI think, in combination with other pools, we're halfway to our goal,ʺ Ver said before Antpool announced its decision to switch to Bitcoin Unlimited.

According to the Nodecounter resource, Bitcoin Unlimited accounts for just over 30% of all the extracted blocks at the moment.


  • March 22, 2017 2:45 PM MSK