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Dmitry Medvedev: Blockchain technology will seriously change our lives

During the Russian investment forum in Sochi, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev stated that Blockchain was the best technology for storing data, rights and obligations and it could change people's lives in the future.

ʺIt's a pretty interesting story, though we don't see any results. But it is clear that many business processes and social environment will be based on these principles,ʺ Prime Minister added.

Apart from the Prime Minister, Acting Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov, new Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin, Vice-President of RSPP David Yakobashvili and Chairman of “Vnesheconombank” Sergey Gorkov participated in the programme of this session.

According to Sergey Gorkov, who kept a conversation about Blockchain, it is almost impossible in Russia to create Alibaba analogy, because the domestic market is too small.

ʺThe country cannot take up everything and should select development priorities. And the blockchain technology is the main priority for the          country. Now, on the instructions of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, we are going to establish a team, which will be developing this technology as the country’s main one,ʺ Chairman of “Vnesheconombank” said.

After that, an announcer directly asked Alikhanov if he wanted to buy “VEB’s” blockchain.

ʺIf it will work, we might pay for it,ʺ he said.

There was a presentation of awards for innovation together with “VEB” at the end of the meeting in Sochi. ʺ Maxima-Telecom” (Sergey Aslanyan), “Baikal-electronics”, an infant tech park "Quantorium", “Biokad” and a manufacturer of supercomputers “T-platform” received awards.

It should be reminded that Dmitry Medvedev previously stated that the existing regulatory systems could be replaced by innovative financial technologies in the future.


  • February 28, 2017 4:32 PM MSK