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HaoBTC shuts down exchange services

Recent events on the Chinese cryptocurrency market suggested that there would be some major event and, apparently, this moment has come. According to the Chinese sources, Bitcoin market HaoBTC will shut down exchange services.

The company itself has not made any official statements yet, but that is what a sufficiently informed Twitter account CNLedger reported about.

However, HaoBTC is not leaving a Bitcoin space: the company is an operator of a large mining and Bitcoin wallet service provider. These services will continue to work.

In general, the situation on the Chinese exchanges is as follows at the moment:

It should be reminded that the People’s Bank of China issued a warning to local cryptocurrency exchanges to comply with financial regulation, after which at least three of them – OKCoin, Huobi and CHBTC - froze the withdrawal of means for a month.

Other platforms, including Bitbays, btc100, Btctrade, HAOBTC and Yunbi have also amended the withdrawal rules and reported the forthcoming delays in the withdrawal of funds and, at the same time, they began to charge commission for trade transactions and deposits. In particular, the HAOBTC’s size of the commission has been increased to 5%.


  • February 15, 2017 4:28 PM MSK