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Microsoft to lead new Blockchain-consortium

IT-giant Microsoft has teamed up with a number of other technology companies and financial institutions and created a new Blockchain-consortium called Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, according to a Bloomberg report.

As the name implies, the main focus of the group's work will be to explore the possibilities of Ethereum in the corporate sphere.

According to the information available, the project has been under way for several months and it is expected that a formal application for its launch will be made before the end of February.

No comments have been made from the involved organizations so far, but it only fuels speculation. It is likely that this is the same project, which was already reported in November last year, but it was about Ethereum Consortium Blockchain Network.

It was reported that business representatives would be able to make better use of the network effect of distributed and immutable registers, and the new platform itself was designed to allow united companies to use the private blockchain Ethereum.

Earlier this month, Microsoft has announced a partnership with blockchain-startup Tierion, which will build a decentralized identification system on Azure platform.


  • February 14, 2017 5:47 PM MSK