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Brand new world: EUwants give robots legal status

According to Independent, deputies of the European parliament will consider a question of providing a legal status to robots.

According to the drafter, it becomes increasingly difficult to regard them as “just tools in the hands of other entities” such as a manufacturer, owner or user as robots begin to operate more independently.

ʺOrdinary rules of responsibility are becoming ineffective and there is a need to create new rules, which, first of all, will determine how robots can be brought to full or partial responsibility for their actions or inaction,ʺ the document says.

The bill author, a representative of the Socialist Party from Luxembourg MadyDelvaux-Stehres believes that a “technical revolution” that is going on now in the world is due to the implementation of robots, androids and other forms of artificial intelligence and the EU should establish basic ethical principles and legal framework that can govern an operation of these devices.

The bill has been approved by the European Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs. It is expected that the deputies will consider the bill in February.


Источник: rusvesna

  • January 20, 2017 11:10 AM MSK