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United States holds lead in number of Bitcoin ATMs

A statistics company Statista has published data on the number and geographical distribution of Bitcoin ATMs in the world. According to the report, the United States has the largest number of ATMs installed.

As shown in the infographic, countries of North America, the European Union as well as Australia and Japan represent a top ten.

Total Bitcoin ATMs installed in the world now amount to 950. According to the information provided by, the largest number of ATMs was installed in 2016, when its number almost doubled from 506 to 939. It is worth noting that 2017 may be even more successful for operators of Bitcoin ATMs, because, according to statistics, 1,43 ATM is installed every day in the world starting on January 1.

At the same, cryptocurrency platforms actively offer users alternative methods of word competing with Bitcoin ATMs. Thus, a Spanish cryptocurrency wallet HolyTransaction Trade has signed an agreement with a HalCash platform, which allows sending and receiving money both within Spain and abroad. As noted, with the signing of the agreement, residents of Spain are able to exchange Bitcoin to fiat currency and vice versa using ATMs of financial institutions, which are connected to the HalCash platform. Currently, the HalCash network includes 8000 ATMs located in Spain and 2000 ATMs in Poland.

Source: forklog

  • January 20, 2017 10:24 AM MSK