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Modular exoskeleton for heavy physical labor

The company suitX, consisting of people of the University of California and the Laboratory of robotics and Cybernetics at Berkeley (USA), previously introduced the exoskeleton (will go on sale before the end of this year), designed to help paralyzed people to walk again.


Recently the company has officially announced the creation of a new exoskeleton, whose task is to help people in the workplace. The novelty bears the name MAX (from Agile eXoskeleton Modular, Modular mobile exoskeleton) and provides individual support during heavy physical work.

The exoskeleton consists of three modular components: one component supports the back of a man, another - the shoulders, another - his legs. If desired you can purchase separately each component and wear them independently from each other. The company believes that the exoskeleton in the first place of choice for those engaged in heavy physical work, and therefore can be used on construction sites, assembly lines, shipbuilding, warehouses, various services for the delivery of heavy equipment and goods, as well as in factories.




Before creating a new exoskeleton company suitX conducted a study to find out how effective is the use of modular design in such a system, and began experimenting with a component designed for spinal support. The study revealed that the module reduces the load on back muscles by up to 60 percent.

Despite the fact that the new exoskeleton MAX is primarily designed for various industries, the company says that the new product will be very affordable. Dr. HumayunKazerouni, founder of suitX, commented:

ʺWe have created a responsive and available technology to simplify the labor of the workers, and in maintaining control over those actions that will be performed with the help of this exoskeleton. MAX are designed to help those people who struggle every day to perform the same physically demanding tasks. It helps avoid occupational injury within the framework of these tasks. First, it allows, without injury to carry items weighing up to 35 pounds; second, it allows you to avoid injury from constant moving objects weighing up to 10 kilograms during the day. Without this exoskeleton, this daily work will affect the health of the workersʺ.

Source: hi-news

  • January 17, 2017 12:29 PM MSK