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Largest Asian stock exchange receives permission to use blockchain technology

Japan’s Financial Services Agency has authorized Japan Exchange Group (JPX) to use new financial technologies, including blockchain. It was reported by Nikkei Asian Review.

Earlier, a regulator limited the activities of the JPX’s units, which had been involved in currency transactions, but a new and broader interpretation of rules of their work allowed introducing technologies that contributed to more effective performance of trading platforms.

Apart from the blockchain, companies, which belong to the group, will be able to use such technologies as artificial intelligence and invest in companies that work with these technologies.

Permissions to use this or that technology will be issued individually on a case-by-case basis.

Japan Exchange Group is the largest stock exchange in Asia and an operator of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange. JPX in partnership with IDM Japan began testing the blockchain technology in post-trade processing and other operations. The code, which had been developed by the Hyperledger consortium, was used in these experiments.

The JPX’s units and other major Japanese stock exchanges have united into their own blockchain consortium, which will use the Hyperledgerblockchain technology to create a test environment. It is expected that the project will be launched in the spring of 2017.

Source: forklog

  • January 12, 2017 5:44 PM MSK