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Head of CIA: United States started war in Syria and Donbass

Acting CIA Director Josh Owen Brennan admitted before his leaving that it was the United States that began bloodshed in Syria and Donbass and stirred up a trouble, which the entire world had to deal with.

The role of the US Central Intelligence Agency in the Syrian events is no longer a secret. However, is it possible to find at least one dirty and murderous US operation, in which the CIA would not be involved? It is unlikely. And it is not surprising, if we remember that the CIA recruited Nazi criminals who served in security services of the Third Reich and adopted their working methods.

The CIA was engaged in training of so-called opposition groups in Syria, who, in fact, are actually bandits. There's some suggestion that ISIS terrorist organization, which is banned in the Russian Federation, were receiving support from the CIA. At the same time, the intelligence agency worked in Syria regardless of Pentagon. As a result, there was a clash between militants trained by the CIA and the Pentagon.

Unlike the Pentagon, no one controlled supply of weapons from the CIA to the international gang, which were fighting against the legitimate government of the country. Often, these weapons passed into the hands of the ISIS and other extremist groups, which even the US had not included as one of the ‘moderate’ oppositions. So, the role of the CIA in the appalling events in the Middle East has yet to be determined and evaluated.

As well as the role of the CIA in the violent events in Donbass will have to be determined and evaluated. When protests erupted against a new government in the Eastern Ukraine, Acting CIA Director John Owen Brennan came to Kiev to meet with Avakov and Turchynov in April of 2014. In fact, Brennan authorized the use of weapon and provoked the bloodshed in Ukraine. Of course, the CIA denies the fact, but Yakimenko, former Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, said that Brennan had brought instructions what to do, how to do and how to carry out the CIA’s plan.

Mr. Brennan will leave his post soon, but he decided to make a sort of coming out on the US National Public Radio before his leaving. No, he did not admit his non-traditional sexual orientation, but it would explain a lot, and said that felt guilty for the bloodshed in Syria and in the South-East of Ukraine. There was no remorse for what has been done, no repentance for all crimes, which would not have happened in this country without Washington’s intervention.

But after that, CIA Director repeated an old mantra, explaining the audience that it was impossible to stop violence in Syria and Donbass without a political settlement of the conflict in his interview with the US National Public Radio. And in the end, he admitted that the US could not make a decisive impact on the Syrian events, which had started to go out of control at some point. ʺEven such a powerful country as the United States has limited ability to influence the course of events,ʺ John Brennan said. I would like to say: ʺIf a job is worth doing it is worth doing wellʺ.

The consequence of the US’s incompetent intervention in the Syrian political conflict is a surge of terrorism, death of more than half a million people, several millions of refugees, destroyed cities and infrastructure and destroyed economy of the prosperous country. Only the Russia’s assistance to the legitimate Syrian government has reversed the situation, but no one can assume when peace comes there. It is more difficult to say when Syria will be able recover.

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  • January 10, 2017 4:18 PM MSK