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Aleksey Muratov: The first official Bitcoin Birthday is celebrated in Moscow

On January 3, 2017, in one of the biggest clubs in Moscow the first official celebration of Bitcoin Birthday in Russia will take place. It was announced by Chairman of the Board of the International Public Movement Change the World Together (CWT) Aleksey Muratov.

According to Aleksey Muratov, the organizers of the event are CryptoForum Russia and Cryptomania. "The event will be attended by representatives of all the leading Russian cryptoprojects. The presentation of a number of new projects and the drawing of several Bitcoins are also planned. In particular, it is stated that the guests of event will be able to participate in a closed presale of CVCoins: at the party the drawing of 500 CVC, 300 CVC and 100 CVC will be held, owners of which will be determined by the computer," Chairman of the Board of CWT said.

He also noted that the general partner of the event is Crypviser company. "This company has developed the first communicational network in the world based on blockchain technologies with maximum security and encrypting all types of data for social and business communication," Aleksey Muratov stated.

It should be noted that tickets for this party you can win on the social networks Facebook, Vkontakte or buy on TimePad website.

"I think that such events will soon become a tradition not only in Russia but also in other countries. In 2017, it is celebrated 8-year of Bitcoin in Moscow, and in a couple of years in all the capitals of the world the first 10-year anniversary of cryptocurrencies will be celebrated," Aleksey Muratov summed up.

Source: CWT News

  • December 29, 2016 4:02 PM MSK