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Investors try to buy tens of thousands of Bitcoins

Large investment funds reported on the miners' desire to acquire a batch Bitcoin in size of 30-50 thousand coins.

The proposal was forwarded to several mining companies, including BitFury. According to the deputy head ofBitFury George Kikvadze, in his Twitter he said, "For the last day couple of investment funds, which are in control of assets amounting $10 billion and more, expressed the desire to buy 30-50 thousand Bitcoins. We were not selling then, and not selling now."
Apparently, investors were trying to circumvent the market mechanisms of trade and buy Bitcoins directly from miners at a price lower than on the exchange markets.
It should be noted that it is not known whether all the miners denied such a proposal.
The desire of investors to buy a large consignment of cryptocurrency is associated with the rapid growth of Bitcoin exchange rate on the world market. Since August, Bitcoin has risen in price more than twice, to $948. Only in the last week Bitcoin gained nearly 18%, and over the past day – 5.5%, or almost $ 50.
Capitalization of Bitcoin has exceeded $ 15.34 billion.
The next psychological barrier for the course of Bitcoin will be the mark of $ 1000. If this barrier is overcome, the Bitcoin price can reach $ 1,200 in the medium term.
Historical maximum for cryptocurrency $1138 at the end of November 2013 is considered. At this price Bitcoin was traded on Mt. Gox stock exchange, which later became bankrupt.
The main factor pushing up the rate of Bitcoin is the situation in the Chinese market, where basic commodities for the week fell by about 20% (zinc - by 22%, iron ore - by 20%, coking coal - by 25%). Investors are selling assets which are becoming cheaper and some of them transfer funds to cryptocurrency, thereby avoiding, besides, this year's tightened exchange cross-border monitoring by the Chinese authorities.
Source: coinfox
  • December 29, 2016 12:37 PM MSK