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Artificial blood for transfusion in powder form: just add water

Scientists around the world have been trying to create artificial blood, to use less donated blood, which, in spite of significant reserves, is not always enough.

Искусственная кровь для переливания в виде порошка: просто добавь воды

And besides, it still requires special storage and transportation conditions. But a group of scientists from the United States recently introduced powder which when diluted with sterile water turns into liquid blood, capable of performing its function for 12 hours.

The developers are physicians from the University of Washington. Their invention, though not completely abolishes the use of donated blood, but can help out doctors in an emergency. One of the research's author, Allan Doctor, professor of biochemistry and molecular biophysics, as well as intensive care specialist, explained that they created the powder that does not require special storage conditions and to ensure that it is not deteriorated, just a standard container for blood is needed. Shelf-life of the powder is 1 year. At the core of the powder (externally similar to paprika) there is a substance on the basis of purified hemoglobin.

The blood on the basis of the powder also has its drawbacks: first of all, it is not involved in the regulation of the human immune system and cannot be used in heavy blood loss. Animal experiments have shown that in this way an animal's blood can be substituted with no more than 70% of artificial blood. The only function that the "blood in powder" performs perfectly is the ability to carry oxygen, but in most cases this is enough, because many deaths in emergency situations happen not due to the lack of circulating blood volume (which is not necessarily needs to be replenished with blood), but due to tela's hypoxia, especially the brain tela.

Source: hi-news

  • December 28, 2016 6:02 PM MSK