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Google switches to renewable energy next year

Google is already the largest consumer of renewable energy among private American companies.

The company bought about half of the required energy from wind and solar power stations last year. In the next year, Google is planning to completely switch to clean energy.

“It will have a positive impact on our business. It is not PR, but a way we can save and fix electricity price for a long time, but renewable energy prices are the most attractive at the moment,” The Guardian quoted Chief Power Engineer of Google Brand Oman.

Mr. Oman noted that this step would also reduce the amount of air emissions, more than two percent of which was accounted for IT companies.

However, there are difficulties with switching to renewable energy. The company has come a long way towards it and there are legal difficulties in addition to technical ones. The need to draw up the contract, to negotiate partnership conditions with suppliers – all this is very time-consuming.

Source: hi-news

  • December 27, 2016 11:20 AM MSK