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Numerous protest rally of CWT activists held in India

Today, on December 23, a protest rally of the international public movement Change the World Together's activists (CWT) is held in Mumbai near the US Embassy. Participants of the rally came up with a categorical condemnation of the criminal predatory actions of the Federal Reserve System, as well as express their support for the newly elected President of America Donald Trump.

About 1,000 protesters gathered in Mumbai to express protest Fed. A huge number of protesters did not allow them to stay in the vicinity of the US Embassy, so it was decided to hold the event at a convenient area, which housed all the protesters and where the scene for speakers was set. The protesters are holding flags with the logo of CWT.

According to one of the rally organizers, their action is directed against the actions of the US Federal Reserve, and the date of the meeting was not chosen by chance – on this day, on December 23, 103 years ago the US Federal Reserve was created. "Our rally is aimed against the Fed policy that makes the world depend on the US dollar. This system is destroying our economy! We have to kill the dollar - this green snake that strangles us and switch to payment with cryptocurrency," stated one of the speakers. It should be noted that the rally in India is held against the backdrop of a sharp rise of Bitcoin against the dollar worldwide. Thus, the present value of Bitcoin is over $900.

"We fully support the policy of the new president of America Donald Trump, who has repeatedly said that the United States will no longer interfere in the internal affairs of other countries! We are confident now Washington's policy will not be as aggressive to India!" emphasized another rally participant. In confirmation of the words participants of a meeting held posters: "We want cryptocurrency; dollar – to the dustbin of history!" "The US Federal Reserve should not affect the income of ordinary citizens," "Trump will come and bring order!" etc.

At the end of the meeting, participants suggested that the activists leave their signatures under the resolution which states that the activists of Change the World Together express their dissatisfaction with the policy of international corporations, the US Federal Reserve and the demand to stop the pressure on the other governments, as well as interference in their domestic policy, stop the imposition of universal introduction of the US dollar as a single international currency to other countries, to recognize the election of President of the United States of America, which Trump won, legitimate and to prevent the revision of the results of these

elections, strengthen the fight against terrorist organizations as part of the joint global coalition.

CWT activists' delegation marched to the US Embassy in Mumbai where they handed over the signed resolution to the representatives of the diplomatic mission of America.

Source: CWT News

  • December 23, 2016 5:02 PM MSK