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Numerous protestrally of CWT activists held outside US embassy in Kiev

Today, on December 23, a protest rally of the International Public Movement Change the World Together's activists (CWT) is held in Kiev near the US Embassy building. Participants of the rally came up with a categorical condemnation of the criminal predatory actions of the Federal Reserve System, as well as express their support for the newly elected President of America Donald Trump.

About 100 protesters gathered outside the embassy around 10:00. They are holding the flags with the logo of their movement the CWT, as well as posters with slogans: "We want cryptocurrency; dollar – to the dustbin of history!" "The US Federal Reserve should not affect the income of ordinary citizens," "Trump will come and bring order!" etc. During the rally, participants broke off a pack of dollars and scattered scraps of notes, trampled them.

According to one of the rally organizers, their action is directed against the actions of the US Federal Reserve, and the date of the meeting was not chosen by chance - on this day, on December 23, 103 years ago the US Federal Reserve was created. "FRS makes the world depend on the US dollar, thereby destroying the economies of many countries. Ukraine is also a hostage to FRS not only economically, but also politically. Every day, the living standards of Ukrainians decrease markedly, and the reason for it, including the dependence of our economy, is the American dollar! We are confident that with the arrival in the White House of the new president, Donald Trump, Washington's policy will change markedly. Trump has repeatedly said that he is primarily concerned with the internal problems of the United States and the interests of the Americans, and residents of other countries determine their own destiny," the participant of the action said.

The protesters read out the text of the resolution, which they signed and sent to representatives of the US Embassy. In particular, the resolution states that the activists of Change the World Together express their dissatisfaction with the policy of international corporations, the US Federal Reserve and the demand to stop the pressure on the other governments, as well as interference in their domestic policy, stop the imposition of universal introduction of the US dollar as a single international currency to other countries, to recognize the election of President of the United States of America, which Trump won, legitimate and to prevent the revision of the results of these elections, strengthen the fight against terrorist organizations as part of the joint global coalition.

According to CWT activists, compliance with these requirements will positively affect the US relations with other countries, as well as stabilize the overall situation in the world.

In general, the action was peaceful, attending law enforcement officers have not detected any violations.

Source: CWT  News

  • December 23, 2016 3:20 PM MSK